u are the one

112You Are The Only One (Interlude) 01:48
65DaysofstaticThe Major Cities of the World Are Being Destroyed One by One by the Monsters 04:08
A-HaYou are the one 03:50
A-HaYou Are The One (12 Remix) 06:31
A-HaYou Are The One (2015 Remastered) 03:50
A-HaYou Are The One (7 Remix) [2016 Remastered] 03:46
A-HaYou are the one (7' remix) 03:50
A-HaYou Are The One (Alternate Version) 03:58
A-HaYou Are The One (Demo) 02:53
A-HaYou Are The One (Dub Mix Edit) 05:21
A-HaYou Are The One (Early Version) 03:50
Air SupplyThe One That You Love 04:16
Airbeat One ProjectTurn up the Party (Open Air Mix) 06:38
Alchemist Project Krist Van DYou Are The One (Alchemist Project Mix) 06:40
All-4-oneThink You Are The One For Me 04:33
Aloha From HellHow come you are the One 03:44
AmberYou Are The One 04:00
Ari HestOne Two 03:53
Art Of NoiseInstruments Of Darkness (All Of Us Are One People) [The Prodigy Mix] 03:38
ATBYou are not alone!!! (Original version - The one and only) 04:22
AtreyuWhen Two Are One 04:41
AyaYou Are Not the Only One 04:49
Black & WhiteYou Are The One 04:18
Bonnie TylerYou are The One 03:59
Brooklyn BounceYou Are The One 06:40
CamelYou are the one 05:24
CamelYou are the one (single edit) 03:49
Casting CrownsYou Are the Only One 03:47
Cause & EffectYou Are The One 04:59
CerroneYou are the one 05:26
CerroneYou are the One (Edit) 04:09
Cerrone Feat Jocelyn BrownYou Are the One 08:48
CHEMISTRYWe Are One 2008 (The Real Booty Babes Remix) 05:51
Christine MillerYou Are The One 04:14
Crowded HouseYou Are The One To Make Me Cry 03:40
Crowded HouseYou Are The One To Make Me Cry (Live In North America) 04:09
Daniel BedingfieldIf You Are Not The One 04:20
De/VisionYou Are The One 06:07
Dj BabyboiYou Are The One 05:40
Dj Bakuboy Ft LiliYou are the one 03:53
Dj Flink Ft. Raquel J.You are the one 03:48
DJ MarkYou Are The One(Original Radio Edit) 03:53
Dj WarlokYou are the one 02:19
Double YouYou Are The One 04:22
Elliott YaminYou Are The One 04:14
Elliott YaminYou Are The One (Mastered Acoustic) 04:17
Emily OsmentYou Are the Only One 02:55
Epik HighYou Are The One (Feat. 호란 Of 클래지콰이) 07:21
Sergey LazarevYou Are The Only One 03:11

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