Aka Aka Sandpiper (Original Version) 07:47
Eddie Harris Love Theme From The Sandpiper [The Shadow Of Your Smile] 05:30
Engelbert HumperdinckShadow Of Your Smile (Love Theme From The Sandpiper) 02:35
Franck PourcelThe Sandpiper (The Shadow Of Your Smile) 02:38
KyussUn Sandpiper 08:14
London Symphony OrchestraVertu Sandpiper 01:28
Oscar PetersonThe Shadow Of Your Smile (Love Theme From The 'Sandpiper') 05:37
The Sandpipers Guantanamera 03:14
The Sandpipers Hurry To Me 04:05
The Sandpipers If I Were The Man 04:40
The Sandpipers Mighty Mouse Theme (Here I Come to Save the Day) 01:02
The Sandpipers Mighty Mouse Theme (Here I Come To Save The Day) [LP Version] 01:53
Morgana KingThe Shadow Of Your Smile [Love Theme form the MGM Motion Picture The Sandpiper] 03:55
40 ThievesThe Sandpiper 04:04
Arthur LymanTheme From The Sandpiper 02:45
Winston & The SandpipersWinston & The Sandpipers 05:23
VertuVertu SandpiperРингтоны-♫ 00:28
VertuVertu Sandpiper LSO 00:33
VertuVertu SandpiperРингтоны-♫ 00:33
(Рингтон)Vertu Sandpiper Constellation V - 00:26
Andrea GriminelliVertu Sandpiper Solo 00:30
VertuVertu Sandpiper LSO-Рингтон-♫ 00:33
Frank Sinatra With Count Basie And His OrchestraThe Shadow Of Your Smile (Theme From The Sandpiper) 02:53
Vertu на вызовVertu SandpiperРингтоны-♫ 00:33
Eliot Grasso [2004 - Standing Room Only]Reels: Miss Susan Cooper / The Sandpiper / Boys of the Lough 04:35
SandpiperSNDPPR I 05:44
VertuVertu Sandpiper Ventiquattro 00:28
Tim JanisSandpiper 03:06
Sons De La NatureChevalier Sylvain (Wood Sandpiper) 02:09
The Sandpipers Autumn Afternoon 03:35
The Sandpipers The Long And Winding Road 03:53
The Sandpipers Wave 02:31
Charlie ByrdThe Shadow Of Your Smile (Love Theme From The Sandpiper) 02:48
The Sandpipers Estranos De La Noche (Strangers In The Night) 02:40
The SandpiperCinematheque 02:54
The Sandpipers Llevame A La Luna (Fly Me To The Moon) 01:56
SandpipersMighty Mouse Theme 01:02
The Sandpipers Cast Your Fate To The Wind (1966) 01:48
The Sandpipers Come Saturday Morning 03:03
The Sandpipers Let Go 03:19
The New Percussion OctetThe Sandpipers 03:21

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