Anois A Noise 04:06
Anois Beds And Dishes 04:35
Anois Happy Holiday 03:32
Anois He Sings To Me 04:02
Anois Homecall 04:44
Anois It Is All So Curious At The End 01:35
Anois November 02:55
Anois On The Top Of The Highest Mast 03:13
Anois Remote Control 02:27
Anois Sew New World 05:09
Anois Small Electric Battery 01:44
Anois The Wanderer 03:52
Anois There Must Be Some Book About It 01:48
Anois Waltz Of Wolves 04:41
Anois The Fall of Gil-Galad 02:21
Anois Elvenhymn 01:10
Anois Beside The Fire 01:19
Anois Sam's song in the orc tower 01:00
Anois 08. Song 03:43
songs for sunday parlours and anoisthe words you spoke 04:17
InnerCutAnoia 03:26
Anois Tell me 03:39

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